Monday, 11 January 2010

Valentine's Day @ Vermilion

Vermilion & Cinnabar are very pleased to announce our long awaited Valentine’s Day Menus and sees the launch of the exclusive “The Ruby Room” (please read below for more information). Impress your loved one in Manchester’s most luxurious and romantic settings. 
“Making an entrance on the red carpet between two huge statuesque lions, a moat of still lit up water and a three storey restaurant glowing with reds and gold... Pass through the magnificent entrance into a world of Asian charm.”
To celebrate this occasion the Vermilion Master Chef have created a culinary feast of delectable yet romantic 3 set menus, designed to pamper even your most discerning palate, ranging from £44 to £450 for ultimate Valentine’s Evening.
1. The Vermilion Valentine Menu is at £54 per person and includes a glass of Moet & Chandon Rose Champagne. Seafood Parcel Golden fried parcels of salmon fillet, minced prawns and crabmeat, shitake mushrooms and spring onion served with a sweet and sour sauce. Rock Lobster specially imported and stir fried with fresh herbs and gentle spices to create a perfect combination for the taste buds. Kheang Ped Yang Authentic Thai red curry of roast duckling cooked in coconut milk with pink lychee and sweet basil leaves. Tawa Lamb Succulent dices of Welsh lamb, slowly cooked with green peppers, ginger, garlic, spices and yoghurt with a generous sprinkle of fresh coriander served in a hot tawa pan.                                                                                                
(For full menu please see website / for more information please contact / 0161 202 0055)
2. Impress your guest with Manchester’s most luxurious menu the Vermilion Luxury Valentine Menu at £74 per person and features - Caviar Heart Kisses. Rare and delicate Sevruga Caviar served with toast, sour cream and cucumbers accompanied by a Glass of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne. Rock Lobster with black truffle sauce Oven grilled Rock Lobster with well balanced fresh herbs and fine spices served with rice pasta, black truffle sauce and freshly prepared sweet basil oil. Le four de Agneau Succulent Welsh Lamb Chops marinated with Fresh herbs, exotic spices and grilled to perfection. Pacific Rock Oysters Fresh Pacific Oysters, gently steamed and served with a classic lime and garlic sauce

(For full menu, please see below / website / more information please contact / 0161 202 0055)
3. Our vegetarian option The Vermilion Valentine Vegetarian (£44) includes - A glass each of Moet & Chandon Rose ChampagneTofu parcels Golden fried parcels of bean curd, minced vegetables and glass vermicelli served with soy sauce. Subz medley Grilled skewer of finely marinated mushroom, capsicum, onion and tomatoes with fresh herbs and exotic spices. Thai Green Vegetable Curry - Authentic Thai Green Curry with vegetables and bean curd cooked in coconut milk and flavored with sweet basil leaves.                                                                                              
The Valentine Ruby Experience @ The Ruby Room
And for the true perfectionist / luxury conscience guest  – The Vermilion Valentine Ruby Experience at £450.
The long awaited,  The Ruby Room to be open on 14th February 2010,  THE ULTIMATE IN FINE DINING. Planned for opening since Vermilion first opened its doors (December 2007) the Ruby Room is completely separate from Vermilion, Cinnabar and the Abacus Gallery. It is provides discreet and intimate dining, beautiful candle lit table - in a private luxurious room, yet to be seen. Ideal for the discrete, private and luxurious conscience /VIP guests. It includes its own private kitchen (designed by Ken Winch who also designed the kitchen Buckingham Palace) and beautiful elegant design by Miguel Cancio Martins of Buddha Bar Paris fame.
The Vermilion Valentine Ruby Experience: Pick up in a professional chauffeur driven car (note within 12 mile). Red carpet on arrival. Roses on arrival. A private singer performing the most romantic songs just for you and your guest. A bottle of Veuve Cliquot brut / rose champagne on arrival to the table. Pink rose petals on the table. The luxury Valentine Menu. Personal priority service by the GM and looked after by the Master Chef of Vermilion himself - Chatchai Jamjang. Table reserved in our cocktail / champagne bar (Cinnabar) for after meal, with your own cocktail waiter. Personal wine sommelier. Vermilion's signature VIP service throughout the night.                                                                                               
All this for only £450 a couple. Please note that this package has to be booked at least a week in advance.
(For  more information please contact / 0161 202 0055 or myself, Dikendra on 07515006677)
NOTE: After the amazing success of last year’s Valentine’s, please remember to book well in advance.
For more information, table reservations, cocoon bookings, Cinnabar table reservations please contact our reservations team on 0161 202 0055 or
For The Valentine Ruby reservations please contact Dikendra on 0161 202 0055/07515006677 or

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Wine & Dine Evenings / / / Champagne & Roses Night - - - Back by popular demand <3

After an incredible amount of requests from yourselves for these promotion nights to return to Vermilion, Wine & Dine - - - Champagne & Roses ARE BACK!
The Vermilion Wine & Dine Promotion is back by popular demand this month. Enjoy a luxurious 3 course meal with a complimentary glass of wine each in the most exotic setting in Manchester for only £14.95 Sunday – Wednesday.

We would like you to enjoy this majestic menu which includes lavish signature Vermilion dishes such as Grilled Marinated King Prawns, Steamed Salmon and Spicy Duck Breast to name a few.

To book your Wine & Dine at Vermilion and Cinnabar call reservations on 0161 202 0055 or e-mail

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our Signature and exclusive Champagne and Roses night will be starting from 7th January 2010. This new regular Thursday evening event is designed to recreate the romance of Valentine’s Day every Thursday throughout the year.

Diners will be treated to a glass of champagne and roses on arrival and made to feel special throughout the evening with the very best of VIP service, which is a trade mark of the popular destination restaurant.

After dining in the opulent surroundings of Vermilion restaurant and enjoying the exquisite blend of modern Thai cuisine, diners will be escorted upstairs to the exclusive lounge bar, Cinnabar, where they can recline on the famous ‘cocoon’ beds whilst professional cocktail waiters continue to meet their every need with the serving of luxurious cocktails, fine wines and champagne.

To book your Champagne and Roses at Vermilion and Cinnabar call reservations on 0161 202 0055 or e-mail -

Monday, 4 January 2010

Vermilion Reviewed by Agent 2 Magazine "ONE IN VERMILION"

We recently recieved an amazing review from the stylish magazine Agent 2!

Please click the link below to read the review / see below.


Set outside of town, in Manchester’s Sport City, Vermilion and Cinnabar have made a name for themselves as the ultimate ‘destination restaurant’. If you come all this way, you most definitely do it for a treat. And at Vermilion, they have a few of those tucked up their sleeves. Ascending our way to the second-floor restaurant, my senses are imploding from the abundance of architectural and design features, the exotic scents that wisp delicately through the perfumed air and the charming ambiance of the low-lit room.
To really appreciate this 200-seater restaurant and 400-standing cocktail bar, Vermilion and Cinnabar first needs explanation. Set in, what can only be described as an industrial site, opposite the Manchester City grounds, this palace most definitely stands out. Fusing ultra-modern chic design with traditional Asian antiquities, Miguel Cancio Martins, famous for designing Paris’ Buddha Bar, definitely left his mark on Manchester with this effort.

The £5.2million project includes a majestic display of huge Buddha heads, a plethora of statues and exquisite screens, a central Buddha tower that runs through each floor, a temperature-controlled wine-cellar, two huge kitchens, one for the Indian cuisines and one for the rest; and of course, the spectacular private top-floor bar complete with footballer-friendly VIP sections.
Painted with a Vermilion red stain, the entire building succumbs to the opulence of its mystical Asian theme. Together with dim lights and candle-lit tables, the restaurant glows with a magenta sheen, adding warmth and fire to this spicy establishment. Flat pewter-hammered plates on circular mosaic tables give Vermilion its Indian authenticity, whilst jet black screens laced with spotlights, hanging lanterns and giant bamboo sticks merge this with a truly Oriental mystery.
Black chairs painted with Chinese water coloured flowers lends itself to Asia’s misty green waters and the plink-plonk music gives Vermilion a chilled-out ‘Beach’ vibe that Alex Garland would be proud of. Yet, the bright rich colours, amber tiles and wall of floating flowers transports you to praying on the Ganges River in India. These detailed references to Oriental and Indian images makes for quite a difficult combination, but its fusion in the food is where it works best.

Choosing the Christmas Party Menu (£20pp), we were able to taste a wide range of Vermilion’s dishes from its thick, spicy Indian curries to its Chinese starters and famous Thai cuisines created by Chatchai Jamjang – “Thailand’s answer to Gordon Ramsay,” so we were informed.
And we were here to taste the legend. Sweet nutty chicken Satay, sharp fresh salmon sushi and succulent strips of rich chicken tikka cooked in a separate clay oven, succeeded as the first remarkable attempt at combining these incredibly different Asian flavours. The strong spices and smoky chicken contrasted surprisingly well with the fresh and light sushi rolls.

The next selection of dishes proved to be the ultimate in culinary combinations. The thick tomato curry of Deshi Lamb, the sweet chill kick of Phad Thai Prawns, a Vietnamese-tasting selection of Seasonal Vegetables in soy sauce, and Chinese stir fried Turkey Kra-Praow provided a brilliant apprenticeship in the best of Asia’s fine food. Nutty crunchy textures contrasted with crispy dried spinach, slick Chinese sauces, delicious lentil-thick curries, and soft sticky Jasmine Rice; sugary sweet flavours sat next to the chilli kick of the Pad Thai; citrus and basil blended effortlessly with the warm spicy curry; and thick succulent lamb accompanied the juicy prawns deliciously.
Combinations that might be deemed a hotch-potch of flavours seemed, for some peculiar reason, to work. I guess combining the finest in Asia’s shared ingredients was bound to make a perfect blend

For an after-dinner sup, head to Cinnabar. At the top of the spiral staircase that encircles a column of illuminating ‘floating’ Buddha heads, you will find the intimate and stylish cocktail bar.

Contrasting with Vermilion’s rich traditional features, decadent scarlet and burnt oranges, Cinnabar welcomes a more contemporary design with a giant bubble-ball ceiling, bright coloured seats and six steel pods where guests can recline next to each other at a cool £500 minimum-spending bar tab.

Cinnabar most definitely lends itself to a totally different vibe than Vermilion, looking more London 1960s than Indian or Thailand. But then this is probably quite a welcome scenery change, for a visit to Vermilion and Cinnabar, on the very outskirts of town, means that after a drink, you won’t be going anywhere else.

Totally chilled out, complete with a separate open-plan VIP cushioned area, the restaurant and bar together, have created the perfect package for the complete night out. Good because it’s a more than a trek back to the City Centre.

Everything at Vermilion and Cinnabar is carefully crafted and superbly detailed. You welcome the breaks in between courses just so you can go for a bit of a wander through the labyrinthine building. Its huge luxurious furnishings give the building a decadent edge that still emanates distinctive Asian designs, without the garish presence of billowing waterfalls and giant fish tanks.

It has thought of everything – a grand palace to absorb the interest of passersby and send intrigue running through restaurant sites; a huge car park to invite guests, guests and more guests; a wallet-friendly menu; private banqueting suites and function rooms for the all-inclusive parties and staff dos; an expensive and elite bar where premiership footballers squander their money, but most importantly, delicious authentic cuisines that combine the rich spices of India and the fresh flavour of East Asia. To me, by far, its selling point.

But then again, leaving on the red carpet in between two impressive stone lions, symbols of not just royalty, but also of England, Vermilion and Cinnabar proves that it’s its metaphoric fusion of just about everything that makes it a destination restaurant worth making the trip for.

And I guess, at a push, I could get used to hobnobbing with millionaire footballers, if I had to.