Friday, 21 October 2011

Vermilion and Manchester City Team Up To Help Children ‘Strike A Balance’

Manchester’s top restaurant Vermilion and Manchester City have decided to work together to help strike home a vital healthy eating message to local youngsters, part of their corporate social responsibility.

Chatchai Jamjang, Vermilion’s highly-acclaimed Thai chef, is going into the classrooms with the Blues to give children lessons in healthy food as part of the club’s “Strike A Balance” initiative.
Manchester has some of the biggest health challenges in the country with 12.4% of young people in year 6 at school classified as obese compared to a national average of 9.6% (Manchester Healthy Weight Strategy 2010 – 2013).

The first lessons started with the children of St Bridgid’s RC Primary School in Beswick, Showing them how to prepare balanced, healthy meals and the youngsters also got a chance to join in the cookery master classes.

While the class was going on we showed children spring onions and asked them “what is it”? And as amazement we got the answers like Cucumber!
Manchester City’s “Healthy Schools” project team is also actively involved in the special lesson.

MCFC and Vermilion, plan to take the idea of cookery demonstrations out to other schools in their community. Both the club and the restaurant have played a major role in the regeneration and revival of New East Manchester.
Vermilion & cinnabar restaurant is delighted to be involved in Strike A Balance, which was developed by the club with the Manchester Healthy Schools Partnership.
Our Vermilion Team are very excited to be a partner of Manchester City on a project that can make a real difference to young people in the community.
“Our team is really looking forward to going into the classroom and working with the children to show them how good, healthy food can easily be prepared and they are putting together some really interesting dishes that the children will help them make.
Two of the most popular dishes on the Vermilion menu was cooked for the children of St Bridgid’s – Ginger and Garlic Thai Chicken Stir-Fry and Pla Yang, poached cod with Thai dipping sauce served with Cucumber and Asparagus.

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